Bennett to ask Putin to press Iran to remove forces from Israeli border


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Bennett to ask Putin to press Iran to remove forces from Israeli border
PM to urge Putin to press Iran to remove forces from Israeli border, allow Israel freedom of action against Iranian nuclear program.
Arutz Sheva Staff , Oct 18 , 2021

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is set to travel to Moscow this coming Friday for his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin since Bennett took office earlier this year. During the meeting, Bennett is expected to ask Putin to urge Tehran to pull back its forces in Syria from Israel’s northern border, Israel Hayom reported Monday morning. In addition, Bennett is reportedly planning to ask Putin to ensure Israel’s freedom of action in the region. Housing and Construction Minister Ze’ev Elkin (New Hope) is slated to join Bennett for the trip to Russia. An immigrant from the Soviet Union, Elkin in the past served as a translator for then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during meetings with Putin.



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Good luck with that Bennett! Like Biden, Russia won't do anything unless it's in their own interests to do so.

I keep wondering if Bennett regrets letting go of Israel's precious rights to strike first, talk later. The first thing this new Israeli team did was to lay that advantage down and pledge to coordinate with the US State dept on any attack on enemies outside their borders. Then they expected Russia and Putin to continue the friendly relationship that Putin and Netanyahu enjoyed.

But they miscalculated. That "friendship" was based on a favour that Bibi gave Putin when Israel pulled off the data heist in Iran when they took truckloads of data out proving that Iran was a threat to the whole world, Russia and Israel and America in particular. (and the Saudis). Quid pro quo.

Putin let them know they'd have to give up something of value to Russia to enjoy the same benefits. Putin was actually not happy with the change in govt. He didn't welcome the destabilization this new Israeli leadership team brings to the Middle East.

If Putin helps them out, I am sitting here wondering just what Bennett had to give to Russia to sweeten it enough for this to become a deal.

Time will tell.