Bennett says Israel will never hold back against enemies ‘near and far’


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Bennett says Israel will never hold back against enemies ‘near and far’
At ceremony marking death of Theodor Herzl, PM vows Jewish state will defend itself ‘firmly, creatively and consistently’ in face of threats
By TOI staff
30 June 2021

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Wednesday vowed Israel will never hold itself back from striking its enemies in self-defense if necessary. “The State of Israel will always defend itself against any external threat and will not hold itself back from ensuring our security,” Bennett said at a ceremony in Jerusalem marking the anniversary of the death of Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism. He added: “We will act firmly, creatively and consistently against threats both near and far.”

Bennett did not refer to any specific threat but his remarks came as the United States holds talks on rejoining the international accord restricting Iran’s nuclear program, a move Israel opposes. The new premier last week singled out Iran when vowing not to allow any “existential threat” against Israel. He also hinted at Israeli involvement in a recent attack at an Iranian nuclear site — an alleged drone assault on an Iranian centrifuge production facility outside Tehran which reportedly damaged the site.



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talk is cheap coming from the "leader" of the team now running Israel, same team under Likud who is the current Foreign Minister future Prime Minister under that time share agreement--- that gave away their right to act without warning their allies specifically the USA. He can hint all he likes about the recent Iranian nuclear site attack, that was set up under Netanyahu, not him.