Bennett said blocking Gantz from meeting with PA chief Abbas


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Bennett said blocking Gantz from meeting with PA chief Abbas
TV report says defense minister irked that PM rebuffed his request to meet with Palestinian Authority leader, feeling he is most suited to task
By TOI staff

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is preventing Defense Minister Benny Gantz from meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli television reported Friday. Gantz was disappointed after Bennett rejected his recent request, arguing he is the most senior and appropriate official to meet with Abbas in light of the premier’s right-wing electoral base, according to Channel 12 news. No reason was given for Bennett reportedly rebuffed Gantz’s request. The network, which did not cite a source, said Gantz claimed that if Foreign Minister Yair Lapid were to meet with Abbas, there would be significant political implications that they currently would not want to face. It was not clear what Gantz believed the implications of a meeting between Lapid and Abbas would be.



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I can't help but feel like Lair Lapid told Bennett to deny Gantz's request to meet with Abbas.
Agreed. Either that or Bennett is realizing what a buffoon he looks like. A figure head leader in name only. The real power is Lapid. Bennett and Gantz are his puppets.


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Somehow I doubt meeting or not meeting with Abbas matters.
Agree not a jot of difference imo.
In a culture like theirs it would matter, a lot. Who gets to sit at the head of the table. Jesus spoke of it with wedding guests. That culture in the Middle East and Israel too puts a lot of stock in the optics of things. It matters almost as much as the real stuff.

In our culture, it would be small potatoes, not a whole lot of difference.

But in the Middle East where position and prestige are measured by things like this it matters.

This telegraphs to everyone who is more important, Gantz or Bennett. Bennett better win this or he looks like what he is, a puppet of Lapid, who isn't even AS important as Gantz.

The leadership in Israel is between Lapid (he is calling the shots) and a tension between Gantz and Bennett. Gantz is positioning himself to take over in a future upset election, so is Bennett. But Lapid is the leader in reality.