Bennett: ‘Rest assured’ government will not fall if Netanyahu signs plea deal


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Bennett: ‘Rest assured’ government will not fall if Netanyahu signs plea deal
Prime minister tells cabinet that coalition is’ working quietly and effectively’; ex-Supreme Court chief supports deal, says it would be good for the justice system
By Amy Spiro
16 January 2022

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett hit back on Sunday at speculations that his government could fall if former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed a plea deal in his corruption case. “Our government is not pointing out problems, it’s working to fix them,” Bennett said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting. “Therefore, to all the various political commentators, with all of your graphs and your scenarios, rest assured,” Bennett said. “The government of Israel is working and continuing to work quietly and effectively day after day for the citizens of Israel.”

With reports swirling over the past week that Netanyahu is close to signing a plea deal that could see him leave politics for up to seven years, many political analysts say such a move could spell the end of the current governing coalition.

The eight parties that make up the government are ideologically diverse and are largely seen as having united solely based on their desire to oust Netanyahu. The right-wing parties in the coalition — Bennett’s Yamina along with New Hope and Yisrael Beytenu — all swore they would not join Likud as long as it was still led by Netanyahu while he was in the midst of fighting corruption charges. But if Netanyahu is out of the picture, those parties could easily join with Likud’s 30 Knesset seats and other parties in that bloc to form a right-wing government.