Bennett: Passing budget most important moment of my government


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Bennett: Passing budget most important moment of my government
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett predicted that the Likud will replace Netanyahu, who sought defectors in the coalition.
NOVEMBER 3, 2021

The Knesset began marathon voting on the 2021 state budget on Wednesday night, following a stormy session that featured the nastiest verbal fight yet between Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his predecessor, opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Voting was set to continue all night on this year’s budget, which must pass by November 14 to prevent elections from being initiated. The Economic Arrangements Law and afterward the 2022 budget will then be passed by Friday morning in a total of some 600 votes.

Bennett declared the passage of the budget to be “the most important moment since the government was formed.” He predicted that after the budget becomes law, “the Likud will have to reconsider its direction,” a reference to replacing Netanyahu. Netanyahu met with individual coalition members in an effort to persuade them to vote against the budget and bring the government down. He apparently did not succeed.