Bennett, Netanyahu spar over Gaza violence


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Bennett, Netanyahu spar over Gaza violence
MK Idit Silman says coalition's hourglass is ticking.
Published: APRIL 19, 2022

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu exchanged verbal blows on Tuesday over who did a better job maintaining security. Bennett jabbed at Netanyahu on Twitter that “when you were in power, terrorists fired more than 13,000 rockets, carried out 1,500 attacks, burned 45,000 dunams of agricultural land, murdered 238 Israelis, and wounded 1,700 while you continued transferring money to Hamas in suitcases. You failed against Hamas, and we are fixing it.”

The Likud countered by posting that the peace in the south was the result of Operation Guardians of the Wall that Netanyahu initiated. The Likud added that part of the time that Netanyahu was in power, his defense minister was Bennett, and at other times, Bennett was in his security cabinet. “Time is up for your government of weakness,” the Likud said. “Start packing.”