Bennett irked by Zelensky's speech, will not arm Ukraine


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Bennett irked by Zelensky's speech, will not arm Ukraine
The Prime Minister's Office did not like Zelensky’s speech, claiming it was a "disrespect to the Holocaust", but Israel will continue to help mediate peace with Russia.
Israel National News

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's address to the Knesset did not receive a warm reception inside the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, an Israeli official said Sunday night, with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett committed to declining Zelensky's call for Israel to sell Ukraine advanced weapons systems. According to a report by Channel 13 Sunday evening, Bennett's office was offended by Zelensky and his criticism of Israeli government policy. A government official claimed that this was a "serious disrespect to the Holocaust," but clarified that it would not stop the Israeli mediation efforts. The official did stress, however, that Israel will not sell weapons to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Knesset announced that during the speech of Ukrainian President Zelensky, a number of cyber-attack attempts were thwarted, which aimed to disrupt the broadcast. The Knesset emphasized that all attempts were stopped by the Knesset's cyber security unit, with the cooperation and assistance of the National Cyber Directorate. In his speech tonight, Zelensky compared the Russian invasion of his country to the actions of Nazi Germany: "The date of the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the date the Nazi party was formed. Eighty years ago we saved Jews – the nation of Israel, now you have a choice to make. Russia wants to carry out a 'Final Solution’ to Ukraine.”



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Zelensky overplayed his hand.

The Ukraine was not a great place for Jews during WW2, they didn't save Israel. Many Jews escaped to Israel from the Holocaust and some remained in the diaspora. The Ukraine was complicit in the deaths of many Jews from the Ukraine.

It's pretty cheeky of Zelensky to say all that considering he is diaspora, not Israeli Jewish and he identifies with the Ukraine as his country, which is his right, he is not claiming Israeli citizenship as a Jew, but remains a Ukrainian for the time being. In this the Ukraine is simply pulling Israel into a no win scenario against Russia.

While Israel has tried to help-- and gotten on the bad side of the Ukraine here, and Russia for trying to mediate, Israel needs to stay out of this one.

If the west won't or can't help the Ukraine, Israel certainly can't. It becomes a matter of numbers and existence.

NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR ISRAEL AND RUSSIA TO GO TO WAR --that in my opinion remains for Ezek 38. I think God will prevent them from getting into this conflict too deeply.

Later both Russia and the Ukraine as Russia's puppet (sorry I see no other way this will play out-- it will take time but it won't go well for the Ukraine) will invade Israel as Magog gathers under Gog's leadership and the invasion forces of Ezekiel come together.