Bennett has the answers on Iran - but is anyone listening? - analysis


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Bennett has the answers on Iran - but is anyone listening? - analysis
World leaders want to hear Bennett and Israel's stance on Iran, but are they really listening?
NOVEMBER 2, 2021

GLASGOW – Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was in Scotland this week because of the UN Climate Change Conference, and he had plenty to say on the topic and about Israeli innovation’s contribution to the fight, et cetera. But diplomatically, the summit was an opportunity for Bennett to get other messages out in one-on-one meetings with leaders from around the world.

Unsurprisingly, the top item on Bennett’s non-climate-related agenda, which he brought up in every one of his bilateral meetings this week, was Iran. Those conversations came at a critical juncture, with Tehran continuing to avoid negotiations – stringing the world along with vague, noncommittal statements about when it will return to the table – while rapidly developing its nuclear program toward the point of breakout.

The advances in uranium enrichment are something the Western powers that were party to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action acknowledge, with the leaders of the US and the E3 – France, Germany and the UK – saying as much in their statement at the G20 in Rome several days ago.