Bennett: Government faces ‘a machine of poison and lies’


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Bennett: Government faces ‘a machine of poison and lies’
PM says his decision to form unity government was ‘the most Zionist act I have done in my life,’ laments hate and ‘brainwashing’ on the right
By TOI staff
21 May 2022

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Friday warned against what he said was a campaign by “a machine of poison and lies” against his coalition government. Weighing in on the latest coalition crisis, Bennett wrote on Facebook that the idea behind the formation of the unity government was a “simple” one: “I’m a right-wing man and I’m not changing my beliefs. I will form a government with my friend Yair Lapid, with people from the center, right and left as well as with Mansour Abbas. All of us, including myself, will need to compromise.”

He said his government was now facing “a machine of poison and lies that paints us as traitors. The machine blames the government for every terror attack, as though Israel has not faced terror for the past 130 years, as though there was no wave of knife terrorism six years ago in which 50 citizens were murdered.” He added that “the poison machine takes a toll. They managed to break the spirit of Idit Silman,” the Yamina MK who recently quit the government. “Members of my faction are under constant threat.” When taking office last year, Bennett slammed ousted prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for, he said, telling supporters to “lay into” the coalition members. In Friday’s post, he did not name Netanyahu.