Bennett declined Zelensky’s request for military aid, report says


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Bennett declined Zelensky’s request for military aid, report says
Israeli leader demurred when Ukrainian president asked for weapons help during Friday phone call, broadcaster says, as Jerusalem seeks to balance its ties with Moscow and Kyiv
By TOI staff
28 February 2022

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett demurred when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked Israel for military aid, according to a Sunday report. Zelensky asked for “assistance with military implements and weapons” during a Friday phone call with Bennett, the Kan public broadcaster reported. The request did not include any details on specific weapons or equipment, but was more of a general appeal for military help, the unsourced report said. Israel responded with “diplomatic politeness,” and it appeared that the request was not on the table, the report said. Israel has friendly relations with both Kyiv and Moscow, and has been walking a diplomatic tightrope between the two countries during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.



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Israel, right now, is a secular nation: they are not tuned into Bible prophecy. Their main focus now is Iran and preventing them from acquiring nukes. They may have to attack them soon and may have to endure whatever fallout results from that in a retaliation from Iran. They don’t want Russia to turn their focus on Israel too. However, they will get both eventually, as we know.