Bennett agrees to form 'change government' with Lapid - report


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Bennett agrees to form 'change government' with Lapid - report
The report came after Yesh Atid came to agreements with Labor for the Diaspora Affairs portfolio.
MAY 29, 2021

Yamina leader Naftali Bennett agreed to forming a coalition government with Yesh Atid head Yair Lapid, N12 reported on Friday evening. The two sides agreed that Bennett will serve first as prime minister until September 2023 after which Lapid will take over until November 2025, according to N12. The swearing-in ceremony is expected to take place in June 7, following an announcement of the new government either on Saturday night or Sunday. This came following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's attack on Bennett on Friday, accusing him of rejecting a right-wing government and instead seeking to become prime minister of a "government of the Left." In a three minute video released on social media, Netanyahu revealed that Likud and Yamina negotiators had reached what he called a far-reaching agreement, but Bennett refused to sign it. The agreement would create a coalition of 59 MKs, two less than is needed. Bennett has declined to form a minority government and urged Netanyahu to find two defectors.


John Romans

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So does this mean Netanyahu will be out as PM?
I dont understand Israeli politics well espcially with all these new elections that keep happening after they cant form a government