Bennett accuses opposition of ‘petty politics’ as Citizenship Law falls


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Bennett accuses opposition of ‘petty politics’ as Citizenship Law falls
Yamina denounced the Likud and Religious Zionist Parties as ‘post-Zionist’ for toppling law with security implications; Likud claims the law would endanger the ‘Zionist character of the state.'
JULY 6, 2021

In a powerful blow to the new government, the contentious citizenship law was narrowly defeated early Tuesday morning in the Knesset with 59 MKs voting in favor, and 59 against, meaning the temporary law was not renewed. Two coalition MKs from Ra’am abstained, according to a deal worked out within the coalition, but rebel Yamina MK Amichai Chikli voted with the opposition without warning his party, toppling the law.

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked said on Tuesday night in an interview with Channel 12 that she intended to bring the law back for another vote in the coming weeks and said she believed a majority could be secured for it. The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, passed in 2003 as a temporary measure requiring renewal every year, prevents Palestinians who marry Israeli citizens from obtaining citizenship, like other foreign nationals, for reasons of national security, although demographic concerns have also been cited by the law’s proponents.