Ben Shapiro on moving news operation out of California: 'Bad governance has consequences'


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That is not a great place to raise children and not a great place to build a company,' he said

"Daily Wire" editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro told Fox News on Wednesday that the California government has failed its citizens and businesses and that he is therefore moving his news company from the Golden State to the other side of Interstate 40 in Nashville, Tenn.

"I love the state, grew up in the state, married in the state and have had children in the state... We're out," he said.

"We are taking our 75 employees and we are moving to Nashville. Bad governance has consequences. It turns out when you raise taxes and threaten to raise taxes more, when you provide absolutely crappy public services, when quality of life continues to degrade, when you undermine the police, when you prevent them from being able to enforce the law, when you allow 66,000 homeless people, many of whom are mentally ill and drug-addicted to sleep on the streets in L.A. County and declare yourselves freer and better..." Shapiro continued.

He said that in spite of all the distress in the state, the sole "compensation" for the residents appears to be that neighbors are able to "plunk a dumb lawn sign" reading "Black Lives Matter" or other slogans to "declare your own virtue."

"I'm sorry. That is not a great place to raise children and not a great place to build a company," Shapiro said.

In contrast with California's systemically Democratic politics, Tennessee has a more Republican government and lower taxes than California.