Belarus is using refugees for politics. Turkey did the same thing - analysis


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Belarus is using refugees for politics. Turkey did the same thing - analysis
Where are the Western asylum-seeking policies set up to help genocide survivors? For Yazidis who suffered genocide in 2014, there is no end in sight, whether in Belarus or elsewhere.
Published: NOVEMBER 8, 2021

Yazidi and Kurdish refugees, many of whom are fleeing ethnic cleansing and genocide in Syria and Iraq, are among the thousands of people being used in a political game along the Belarus-Polish border this week. While some outlets have been reporting for weeks about the refugees from Syria and Iraq and other countries who have ended up in Belarus and other eastern European countries, some of them dying in the cold, the crisis has now burst onto the international stage.

Belarus appears to be using a tactic perfected by Turkey back in 2020. It was also perfected by European countries in 2015. The tactic is to push migrants and refugees into neighboring countries, or at the very least create a situation in which they are stuck at the border. In this case, it may not be entirely the fault of Belarus, as the migrants and refugees have become a huge issue for countries all across the continent, most of which pass the buck to the next state by doing precisely what Belarus is doing. The differences between policies of European countries, as well as Turkey and Belarus, can appear stark, but they may not be as stark as the media might portray them.