Being a gentleman is now considered sexist


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The change agents of this world want this stupidity and chaos that goes against well established social norms, behaviors, respect, and common decency but there's probably still a larger majority that knows it stupid and would never follow along. I'm not sure if the younger generation comprehends being a gentlemen, or a lady, or having manners, or showing respect, etc. and it's probably growing in numbers as the dumbing down continues. I even recall in a Methodist church were joined in the early 90s of a divorced woman in SS class that got extremely upset and defiant that she didn't want people to ever say they were praying for her. Her reaction was so stupid and so unbiblical and uncalled for that the entire class was obviously against it and had much less to do with her as time went by. Stupidity like this is everywhere and probably so much worse. I even recall saying ma'am to someone at work and she along with another female coworker were outraged that I would say that term even if I had no ill will or demeaning angle in saying it. This pronoun and renaming and gender changing stuff is very bad for sure, but always worse if they can get someone fired over it or otherwise kicked out of the club, organization, or membership.


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As a somewhat young woman who tends to draw questionable attention without meaning or trying to, I like a gentleman. It's nice to know there are still young men out there who know how to treat a lady even when they find her attractive.

Holding the door for someone is a common curtesy I often practice just because it seems rather rude to just let the door swing in someone's face.:noidea2


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I get so tired of a few radicals who claim to speak for everyone. I am one lady who really appreciates it when a man is a gentleman. My husband is a gentleman and my sons were brought up to be gentlemen too. We refuse to cave in to the 'woke' agenda. Those sourpuss grumps who don't like it can go pound sand.

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I'll still practice common courtesies and do things for others because it's how I'm wired, and I believe it's good to behave oneself well with others. Who cares what the woke crowd says? If things are speeding up, they probably won't matter in seven years' time!

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Well, when I hold a door for another person (and I will do it until I die) I always-always identify as that person.
I will always open a door for people. even though I've had my shares people literally let them close in my face when I have my arms full of groceries as I'm walking out the grocery store. Or when I need to take a cart in. but I refuse to be that person I will always open a door for people.


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What I find particularly disturbing is that they label it as "benevolent sexism" and that it's worse than overt hostile sexism. It's all about the gender equality ya know. A friend of mine once told me that he held the door open for a woman at a restaurant in Houston. The woman became upset and said " think I'm not capable of helping myself?" along with a few profanities that I will not repeat here.


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The same way we women need to act like ladies and not like the hateful brutes that Feminism turns them into.
This sad reality has one positive aspect. Where I used to live, there was little doubt who would/could be potential wife material. In church or out of church, I was happy to have clear delineations between the brutes and beauts . And I can attest that I found both in both locations.

BTW, I got the best of the best...sorry lads, she's taken :biggrin2

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LOL. I remember a Beetle Bailey cartoon strip where a lady soldier flirts with Sarge saying, "Hello big boy..." Nonchalantly, Sarge replies with, "Hello big girl." The next panel shows Sarge all beat up, implying that the woman clobbered him. Sarge says, "Apparently equal rights doesn't apply to equal comments about weight..."