Beck said Evangelicals not listening to God

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Really, lectured by a Mormon?

At a rally for GOP presidential candidate
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
in Utah on Saturday, Glenn Beck chastised Southern Evangelical Christians for not supporting Cruz. “All throughout the South the Evangelicals are not listening to their God,” he said.

Beck, a Mormon convert, encouraged the largely Mormon audience in Utah to support Cruz in Tuesday’s election by appealing to their shared faith.

“Let me testify to you now,” Beck said. “The Book of Mormon is a book that was given to us for this time in this land. And it explains exactly what it’s going to look like when trouble comes. And I don’t know about you, but I can put new names against old names, and it all works.”

Beck continued: “So here’s what I’m saying to you — the reason why I’m bringing this up, and I’ve been wanting to say this for a very long time: Where the hell are the priesthood holders? Where are you? Thank you. It’s time to stand up. It’s time to stand up. You know what time it is. The priesthood is supposed to rise up and restore the Constitution. Now is that time. Period.”

As Beck explained on his radio show yesterday, the term “priesthood” is used by Mormons in much the same way as “the Body of Christ” is used by Protestants and Catholics to denote the community of the faithful who comprise the Church. “In our faith, we call this the priesthood; it’s the men who have the priesthood blessing,” he explained.

In his rally speech on Saturday, Beck expressed disappointment in Southern Evangelicals and encouraged his fellow Mormons to make a stand in Utah in support of Cruz:

“The Book of Mormon trusts in you – that you will see these times and you will run to the truth. I come to you today to give you this message. Utah has an incredible opportunity. So many Christians have been standing up. But all throughout the South the Evangelicals are not listening to their God. Let us raise a standard in Utah. Let us do this one thing perfectly right.”

Beck made similar comments at another rally on Saturday, where he referenced his belief in a famous Mormon prophecy allegedly made by the Mormon founder Joseph Smith, which holds that the Mormons will play a key role in defending the Constitution during a dark period when the Constitution will be “almost destroyed” and “will hang like a thread as fine as a silk fiber.”

As the Salt Lake Tribune reported, “Beck said that he, like many Mormons, believe in a prophecy that the Constitution will hang by a thread in the last days. He said he believes that now is that time, and people like [Senator Mike] Lee and Cruz will save it
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According to the Bible, Glen Beck is spiritually blind and so has no clue Who or what born again Christians are listening to.

He's always tried to wrap Mormonism and Evangelicals together. He's not paying attention that Evangelicals rejected Mitt Romney last time around so, why in the world does he think they'll listen to the "all wise" (as Beck presents himself to be) Glen Beck now?

It begs the question, why has Ted Cruz allowed himself to be yoked to Beck? I think most of us understand why. It serves Cruz' purpose.

I say this with no pleasure. I believe that Glen has been taken over by the demons that Mormon's are familiar with. Glen is not acting rational at times, he's been getting worse over the years.

I once had a neighbor family of Mormons, one night I was invited inside to witness the father (A Mormon elder or having some such position) sitting in a dark corner of the kitchen, in a stupor, unable to respond. His wife and daughter told me that he would sometimes sit like that for hours. They didn't understand, but I did. This man's countenance was dark and distorted, as I had seen him many times when he was "normal". The area where he was was chilly. I was unequipped to deal with it, I was not prayed up so I bowed out. I was young and had walked in unawares at the time. I knew enough not to engage when not knowing what you're doing.
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Whenever someone argues with me that Mormonism is the epitome of "Christian values" I always point out 2 Cor 11:14-15. It is never well received, but I don't feel my efforts have failed because I know the Holy Spirit could still open their eyes at some point. :)

.... Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.


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I believe that Glen has been taken over by the demons that Mormon's are familiar with.
I believe this as well. He's gone from being a true statesman and teacher of the constitution to a raving lunatic, screeching out bizarre statements in an ever increasing panic.

Does he really think God will allow false prophecies to be fulfilled?

These are the end times. Nobody will ever "fix" this. The world, by biblical prophecy, must go haywire, attitudes must turn inward and nations must fail.

He originally came out as "Christian" so he shouldn't be surprised that we have NO idea what Mormons believe or what their prophecies teach.