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In order to keep the forums looking decent and without linking to every website under the son when we "paste and copy" news articles, etc. on the forums, please make sure you turn off bbcode on your text editor where you type in replies to threads. You will find the bbcode "brackets" at the top right of the text editor where you past in text or simply type in your reply. BBcode allows you to post links, images, etc. on the forums. The problem with images in posts is that they are routinely deleted on websites and this leaves big and ugly "image missing" alerts all over the forums. Not to mention that images in news articles are usually copyrighted by photographs and we do not want to run afoul of copyright law and rights.

You simply go to the text box area and look to the right for the "brackets" that is underlined in "blue" in the image #1 and click it so that it has a "faded" look to it and is inactive." It should look like the image #2. When you have successfully turned off bbcode the rest of the icons on the top will turn "faded" and we will not have links and images in our posts. Unfortunately, according to the software maker there was no universal way to turn off "bbcode" in the back-end, so this is the workaround on the front-end.

I've already talked to a few very regular news posters about this subject and went behind them to clean it up, but eventually found that to be too much trouble, so threads got deleted.

So, please turn off "bbcode" by looking at the following images below. It will help out a lot. Thank you!

BBcode ON


BBcode OFF