BBC survey says Christians feel they are discriminated against


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By staff writers
18 Mar 2007
A new survey carried out by the BBC has revealed that 33 per cent of Christians in the UK think that the way they are portrayed in the media amounts to discrimination. And 25% said they also experienced discrimination from colleagues in the workplace when their faith was known or talked about.

The poll was carried out for the BBC’s Heaven and Earth programme, based on a representative sample of 604 people. Another 22% said they thought Christians faced discrimination in their local community. 19 per cent said they would be passed over for promotion. A third thought the media distorted Christian issues.

Matters like the British Airways prohibition on costume jewellery, which prevented an employee from wearing a cross, and suspicion towards Christian service organizations by funding bodies, were cited as examples.

Conservative MP Anne Widdecombe, an Anglican who became a Catholic, said: “It’s now entirely a matter for Christians whether we fight back or take it. My own belief is that we should stand together and fight this discrimination.”

But the UK Christian think-tank Ekklesia, which said that the findings confirmed the discoveries of its own research over the past four years, argued that “retreating into a persecution mentality” is bad for Christianity and bad for society.

“Christians are also privileged – for example there are 26 unelected bishops in the house of Lords, and a quarter of state-funded primary schools are run by churches selecting on the basis of people's faith”, said Ekklesia co-director Jonathan Bartley on The Heaven and Earth Show this morning.

He also said that when Muslims and Jews faced attacks and desecration of their cemeteries, talk of “persecution” needed to be put into context.

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This isn't only happening in Britain, it's happening all over the world. Just like the bibles says, this is going to happen and it's going to get worse IMHO.


bond servant of Christ
I know our brothers in other parts of the world would agree
they truly have been on the for front of persecution
and its happing here now