Bankman-Fried (biggest scammer in history) proves Dems are stupid


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Dems bowed the knee to extol the virtues of a punk from California because they got big campaign bucks (along with a few RINOs) from their hero.
His scam was cryptocurrency that existed only in the Twilight Zone. If you ever needed proof of the greed and stupidity of the left, this fairy tale should suffice. This slime is now in his daddy and mummy’s house. The house had to be risked to raise the $250 million bond. I guess this is one good thing about high home prices in California.
I’m taking bets now (cash only) on where mini-Madoff will be in ten years. The best guess wins one million Crypto-Monopoly dollars.
Here are some of my thoughts. It’s OK to use one of them or use your own imagination:
1. Alcatraz (reopened just for Bankman-Fried) suffers first escape in 65 years.
2. President Newsom awards Medal of Freedom to Governor of California Bankman-Fried.
3. Bankman-Fried wins Nobel Prize in Economics for his “Treatise on Funny Money for the Woke”.
4. “Goodfellas II” wins Best Picture after the Motion Picture Academy is purchased by Bankman-Fried.
5. Bankman-Fried gets a loan for a haircut from San Quentin Credit Union.