Balloon bomb from Gaza goes off in Israel's south

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A balloon bomb launched from Gaza went off in an open field in the Sdot Negev region in Israel's south, the country's police said Thursday.

The explosive was reportedly one of the balloon-borne payloads that landed in the area.

The blast took place as police bomb defusal experts arrived on the scene, with no damage done or injuries caused, the police said.

Earlier, the IDF conducted strikes against Hamas facilities in the Gaza Strip after rockets launched at the southern communities from the restive enclave.

Incendiary payloads and explosives mounted on balloons and kites became a signature tool for Palestinian protesters during the marches in Gaza, with the improvised projectiles carried by the wind across the border.

When landing in the fields, such devices can cause fires, taking a toll on the Israeli farmers, or cause casualties in the local communities.

The Israeli government came up with some counter-measures, including laser cannons capable of downing the small and versatile projectiles before they reach areas where they can cause damage.

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IDF says attack helicopter struck Hamas terror infrastructure in Gaza's north

Arab media reported late on Thursday evening that Israeli Air Force fighter jets were attacking targets in northern Gaza.

The IDF confirmed that an attack helicopter conducted strikes against Hamas terror infrastructure in Gaza's north.

"We won't let Hamas terrorize Israeli civilians," the IDF pledged.