Baghdad condemns Kurdish oil exports to Israel


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Baghdad condemns Kurdish oil exports to Israel
Federal government insists it has sole right to export Iraqi crude oil, says contracts between Kurdish authorities, foreign energy firms are illegal
By AFP June 21, 2014, 5:09 pm 1
A crude oil tanker ship (illustrative photo credit: Shay Levy/Flash90)

BAGHDAD — Baghdad’s oil ministry condemned Iraqi Kurdistan Saturday for further exports of crude from wells in the autonomous northern region, part of a long-running row over the country’s vast hydrocarbon reserves. The federal government alleged that a shipment of oil, the second to be pumped in the three-province Kurdish region and shipped internationally in the past month, had been sent to Israel. It reiterated the threat of legal action against any companies that receive the crude.

“The oil ministry strongly condemns the Kurdistan region government’s continued export of Iraqi oil from the region’s fields… in flagrant violation of the values and principles” of the country, the statement said. “The ministry is continuing to follow and pursue the shipments.” It said it had taken a series of measures to deter buyers, including “warning all companies and oil markets against dealing with these shipments, which have been taken out [of Iraq] illegally.”

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The Kurds, in the beginning of the US setting up a new government, were willing to work with the rest of Iraq. They were not wanted. So the Kurds want to separate.