Bad, unhealthy, unholy commercials


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I agree that I did find it odd you wrote that, especially after reading your very informative posts over the years. It seeded out of character, but hey, Im out of character too..... :bluesclues

Glad you clarified.
The intent of my overall post was to highlight the means by which advertising is used to normalize behaviors.

Just based on my own observations the advertisers, who I assume have a Left lean, have been using their ads to normalize same sex marriages, the trans movement and (same sex) mixed marriages, among other things. The last of these should never have been problem, the first two are.

So when watching advertising or listening to or watching any other media that is taking a stand on or trying to influence our behavior about these social issues, it's important for us Christians to VERY cognizant of what is going on and to make sure that we are wearing our armor. These types of tricks to influence us are used because they work.


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Here it's mainly news and RFD-TV, which is very clean, even the commercials, and appeals to ag/rural types, lots of music, much of which is Christian, and lots of Christian slant in many other programs. I highly recommend it. On DirecTV it's 345.