Awesome Letter

Mary Cole

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I just received the most awesome letter in the mail today. It's from a stranger, a middle school student at the school where my daughter is the school nurse. Here is what it says:

Dear Ms. Cole,

Hi, my name is Tony. I go to Ridgewood Middle School, and I'm in 7th grade. I got your name from our school nurse, Ms. Bauer. My favorite class is Facs because we get to cook and try new things. My favorite subject is Math because it isn't really hard. Science and Social Studies is very hard for me. My favorite Sport is basketball and football. I also like MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Thank you for all your hard work. You left your life to keep citizens safe. Not a lot of people would do that. Thank you for giving citizens freedom of speech. You're a hero, for risking your life for people you don't know. Thanks for giving us rights.


Tony Secic

This makes it worth it!

Mary Cole

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Mary, your heart must be swollen with warmth and warm fuzzies from that letter!!!! And, how awesome for a young man in today's cold world to take the time and make the effort to share his feelings with you!!! You are truly blessed!!!!!
I truly am. I had no idea I would be getting something like this. He was wanting to send it for Veterans Day, and wrote it on that day, but delayed in sending it.