Avatars Not Loading


Come Lord Jesus!!!!!!
Oh yessssssss hoorayyyyyy!! :bouncies Just woke up to find everything is fixed... Thanks Chris :thankyoufor sorting, have really missed fellowship on here...:hyper
First I noticed there were no avatars and it was very slow... :confused. and there wasn't even a reply section and I thought, huh??!! I could see the threads but not reply!!! It felt very strange... :eek2

But hooray, its all sorted :) :wooo. :ring :hug to everyone


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Yippee, yippee, yippee!!! I can post again! You know how a lot of country songs have themes like, "my dog died, my truck ran away & my best girl isn't talking to me?" That's how it felt to not be able to interact here. Just blah. The highlight of my day is being able to come here & know that you all are here for me. I don't post every day, but knowing that I couldn't? Well, that's like telling me I can't talk. I tend to be very verbose. Both with my lips & my fingers. Such a relief to be back! Thanks Chris for all that you do. You are our glue, that keeps us together.