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I went to change my avatar but I click on “okay” and it doesn’t do anything. Neither does the “delete”. They both are dark not light like they are operable. I’ve had difficulty before as well. So, what gives?


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What browser are you using? Is you image at least 400x400?
I’m doing this on smart phone. I’m not up on the internet stuff and terms. I’m on DuckDuckGo. I don’t know how to find the pixel info for a photo. The options I had for the photo above was 10.9 MB, 1.6 MB, 507 KB and 160 KB. I tried all four. A while ago I was going to use a photo I used before and it was showing in the choose box when all of a sudden the one in there now popped in which was the one I was trying to get in yesterday. It held and showing. I have no idea how or what is going on with it.
I just realized I was trying in Google to see how it would do. Is that the difference?


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I'm not sure. It is hard for me to troubleshoot every device out there. I'm not having any problems using the avatar system. And I haven't had anyone else complain either.

It looks like your avatar has changed since you started this thread. Did you get it fixed?