Australian military to stop using Israeli technology


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Australian military to stop using Israeli technology
Elbit Australia was informed of the decision without being given any explanations.
MAY 4, 2021

The Australian Defense Forces will stop using Israeli defense company Elbit’s Battle Management System (BMS) starting in mid-June, Australian Defense Magazine reported last week. The ADF informed Elbit Australia about the decision without giving any explanation, the report said. Tensions had been simmering between Elbit and the Australian Defense Department, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported last week. Elbit was imposing “huge premiums” because it has a monopoly on the system, an officer familiar with the matter was quoted as saying. “People are getting the sh**s with Elbit exploiting their monopoly to impose huge premiums,” the officer said. “And there are definite concerns that the Israelis are backdooring the system for information.” Elbit’s BMS allows commanders to better communicate and coordinate during complex battlefield scenarios and operations with electronic displays of maps and other critical combat data.