Australian aluminium-ion battery breakthrough

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An Australian nanotechnology battery invention could wipe out the range and recharging shortcomings of electric cars and trucks within the next five years.

The breakthrough graphene aluminium-ion battery cells charge up to 70 times faster than lithium-ion cells, are more efficient, can discharge energy faster and have a longer lifespan. They’re also more sustainable and easier to recycle.

Brisbane-based Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) has co-developed a graphene aluminium-ion battery with cheap and abundant raw materials that could be built in Australia and could recharge automotive batteries in minutes rather than hours.

The breakthrough technology comes from a University of Queensland (UQ) research project and replaces expensive lithium with aluminium, which boosts the energy density of batteries enormously.

So quickly do the new graphene aluminium-ion batteries charge and discharge that they effectively bridge the gap between lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors, GMG managing director Craig Nicol said.

If the hype in this article is accurate this could be the battery technology breakthrough needed to make electric vehicles viable and a reasonable alternative to fossil fuel vehicles. I know there are startups in the US working on new battery technology, but this Australian venture appears to be close to introducing products to market.

Solid Power in the US is developing batteries using sulfide-based solid electrolyte in a silicon EV cell. I don't have any idea how their work would compare with the work of this Australian company.

These new battery developments could make our rechargeable devices much more user friendly with less frequent charges needed. Wouldn't it be nice to have a phone that is used extensively every day need a charge only every week or two?... and we won't need to be concerned about those devices bursting into flames.


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Aluminum has a low flash point so many electricians do not like it for wiring. Maybe the new alloy fixes that.
It's also not good for the body - check your deodorant.

But it is encouraging. I hope it works and provides a better for the environment option.

Davis Mothum has an ample supply for the US.
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As someone who owns a Class B RV if these claims are accurate this new aluminum ion based battery would be a game changer. It said something like an I-Phone could be charged in seconds. Thanks for posting- I’m definitely going to be following the development of this battery.


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I can see some back room shady deals going on with this type of tech. The big boys in energy and oil will buy up this technology before small companies can ever bring it to the market. I don't even think it matters if it works or not. They will hold the tech.
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