Astronomers want public funds for intelligent life search


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Keep searching. Maybe one day they'll be forced to admit there is no other life out there, because our existence didn't come about by chance or cosmic fluke.

Every aspect of science, be it chemistry, biology, physics, anything, tells us what a blessed planet we live on and the staggering odds of supporting the biodiversity it does.

"Our Earth is just sufficiently far away from the Sun to benefit from its heat, but not so close as to lose its crucial oceans by rapid evaporation or its precious water by photodissociation at the top of the atmosphere and subsequent escape to space. The Earth is cool enough that liquid water stays on its surface—but not so cool that all water freezes. Earth's gravity is sufficiently high to exceed the escape velocity of water and carbon dioxide molecules, allowing it to retain a unique atmospheric composition, with enough carbon dioxide to create a comfortable greenhouse and to provide the building blocks for life, as well as to shield us against harmful solar ultraviolet radiation. Earth's internal heat reservoir is not so hot that it makes life unbearable because of continuous volcanic eruptions, but is sufficient to drive mantle convection and plate tectonics. The volcanism resulting from plate tectonics continuously recycles volatile elements such as water, carbon dioxide, and sulfur between the inner Earth and its surface reservoirs: the oceans and atmosphere. It is a very ancient cycle."

. The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes (Kindle Locations 1719-1727). Elsevier Science. Kindle Edition.

^^^ That is just a sample of what makes Earth, and its ability to support life so singular. Yet the scientists that are so privileged to discover this uniqueness, cannot see God's hand at work in it. It's astonishing.


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Even the Earth's placement in the Milky Way is by design. We are on our galaxy's "outskirts" making it possible to see the Milky Way as a small smear in the night sky. We can study it as though we were outside of it.
The earth turns at a rate that allows a cycle of sleep and work.
If we travel 17,500 miles per hour we can shut the rockets down and float in orbit. Crank the speed up to 25,000 mph and we can go to the moon. When we go back to the moon we can erect a SETI scope, aim it at Washington, and begin our search for intelligent life in the universe.


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Are you including the Jokes section, Al? :thumbup
I think so, let me check that,, be right back.....................................................................................there is much to read this could take a while........................................................................... I am too busy and decided to send my assistant to finish checking and verify .................. pcbash he says Yes the Jokes section has intelligence, and he also says the computer he is working on is almost done ;)


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Intelligent life here....or " out there"?
I'm guessing out there.....perhaps they have given up on ours.
More likely though, they have turned their backs on God.
Praying for all those seeking these funds ( aka - hard earned tax payers money that could better be spent elsewhere)!
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That group of astronomers won't find intelligent life among themselves, thus I can understand that they to at least leave their own usual circles if they hope to find intelligent life.


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I don't know whether SETI scientists are in denial by choice, or whether theirs is a diagnosable delusion. They aim their dishes afar, hoping a radio signal from somewhere will look like an intentional radio signal from aliens.
The problem? All their research has revealed ONE such burst of signals that registered on a paper tape. The "message" made a few dots in a row which made no sense and even if the "message" had been intentional, it came from the constellation Sagittarius: 25,000 light years away!
A light year is the distance light AND RADIO WAVES travel in one year. And how fast do those waves move? 186,000 miles PER SECOND! In one second light could go around Earth seven times. So in a year how many seconds are there? You do the math.
By the time we sent some Morse Code to Sagittarius, the Sagittarian dot sender would be long since dead and buried in the Looney Tune section of the Sagittarian SETI cemetery.