Assad to Israel: We have a right to defend our borders

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    Assad to Israel: We have a right to defend our borders
    By Tovah Lazaroff, Joy Bernard
    March 20, 2017 21:23
    Syrian Preisdent Bashar al-Assad said Monday that he expected to see Moscow play a crucial role in preventing a future conflict with Israel, days after Syria targeted Israel with a ballistic missile.
    Putin and Assad

    Syrian President Bashar Assad warned Israel on Monday that his country has a right to defend its borders. “Defending our borders is our right, and it’s our duty, not only our right,” he told Russian reporters in Damascus according Russian news site Sputnik. Assad also told Russian parliament members, who paid an official visit to the capital on Monday, that he was counting on Moscow to prevent Israel from attacking his country in the future.

    “We are counting on Russia to prevent a conflict with Israel,” Assad was quoted as saying by several Russian media outlets. Interfax also quoted him as saying that “Damascus counts on Russia to take a role in order to prevent Israel from attacking Syria in the future.”

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    Israel to Assad: So HAVE WE!

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