Artists, Actors, and Authors (A-Z)


Be A Berean!
Who are your favorite (or non-favorite) Artists, Actors, and Authors?
Going in alphabetical order from A to Z
Feel free to tell a bit about your choice.

Instead of the Artist, Actor, or Author a favorite book, song, movie, television series, etc could be given instead

"Artist" has a rather broad definition other than painting: (i.e.) a person skilled at a particular task or occupation

So we should have plenty of subject matter to choose from.

RECENT EDIT: Persons of the Bible also allowed, and please list something long or short about the person
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Be A Berean!
ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL is a PBS series based on the real life adventures of a veterinarian in the Yorkshire Dales of England.
Based on the books of the British veterinary surgeon Alf Wight, who wrote under the pseudonym James Herriot.
The Series ran from the late 70s up until 1990.

I just learned a brand new series started this month with the first episode airing on Sept. 1. I hope it's half as good as the original. Has anyone seen it?

The 70s series imho was wonderful. I love the English humor. The books are equally superb.
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