Artificial intelligence: As explosive, damaging as a nuclear bomb - AI officials


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Artificial intelligence: As explosive, damaging as a nuclear bomb - AI officials
"As dangerous as nuclear war": senior artificial intelligence industry officials warn that AI could lead to the extinction of the human race.

Dozens of senior executives in Artificial Intelligence, academics and other famous people have signed a statement warning of global annihilation by AI, stating emphatically that fighting this threat of extinction should be a global priority and calling to reduce the grave risks of AI.

"Reducing the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other risks on a societal scale such as epidemics and nuclear war,” read a statement that emphasized "wide-ranging concerns about the ultimate danger of uncontrolled AI."

The statement was issued by the Center for AI Safety, or CAIS, a San Francisco-based research and field-building nonprofit, and was signed by leading figures in the industry including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman; the "godfather" of AI, Geoffrey Hinton; managers and senior researchers from Google DeepMind and Anthropic.



Its all about Jesus and your relationship with Him
Taken from a BBC News article on the Actors strike over AI deep fakes:

But, as analysts such as Dr Plangger point out, there is a "dark side" to the technology.
"It's not something we can put back into the box," he says. "The advertising industry needs to wake up to the risks as well as the possibilities of artificial intelligence. It means stepping back, as a society, and thinking about what is the proper or ethical use of this technology."
One of the things Dr Plangger is referring to is a looming "crisis of trust", where consumers cannot tell between what is real or fake. This is something already being exploited by vested interests online and can range from synthetically manipulated pornography to misinformation to political messaging.

Its a very astute observation.

Being that the liar-in-chief will rule during the Tribulation, its no wonder few heed the angelic warning, let alone respond to God's judgement with repentance.

We are moving so close to this today. Few believe and fewer trust what you say and its not just governments, its everyone around. The fracturing of reality is getting so intense, that the next round of scams may not even need you.
They'll create an AI replica to swear oaths, affirm contracts, and with some creative hacking take over your life.

Yet the most critical reality is the one of faith. Believing in the 2000 year old promise.
As the lies increase, those who have shallow roots will not be able to cling to the only Truth worth believing.


Its all about Jesus and your relationship with Him
Speaking of lies and propaganda:

There is something about the Ukraine war that is unsettling.

Russia has their own port to send grain out, Novorossiysk
They also control
Sevastopol. They have no need of Odessa.

International grain goes out. Russia is preventing that. You would expect a UN force to keep food shipping moving. There are ships to do this.

Someone else wants this travesty. Puke-in is a mad man. He is waging murder not war. Yet there is something more to this story.
Why let Ukraine suffer such devastation? And fear of nukes is not a valid reply. No one wins a nuke exchange. Russia knows that.

Someone else wants Ukraine destroyed.

And then I saw the price of wheat just jumped.

Follow the money. Who stands to gain from the destruction of Ukraine....
US/EU and maybe not the countries directly, but those managing trade commodities and money.

Arms sales must be causing Ukraine to be mortgaging themselves into slavery. And if their land and port is destroyed, there is no payback.
One may think that the starvation of millions would induce some treaty-suspension of war, but in the eyes of bean counters, these masses are just an entry in the debit/credit column depending how you book it. Even with the hero worship of Zelensky, there is still some murky shadow hovering over this whole mess concealing the plans of sinister powers as well as the real intent of governments.

Someone else wants all this death and destruction and its obvious this person(s) are sold out to satan
whose ultimate goal is dominion and causing God's Word to fail.

USSR ships are firing missiles - sink them
Iran is shipping drones - level the plant - and take out the nuke facilities while you're at it
but such actions require guts and leadership.

The world is begging for such a leader.
Maybe Max Headroom will return and add all the more to the imaginary notion of man rising from the ashes.

Or is that Ai [heap of ruins] recovering from bubble memory?
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