Ark Of The Covenant Location


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Me too JDub! I would love to believe that Mr Wyatt was fully truthful and trustworthy with his exciting depictions and discoveries(but I am sceptical) ..... that said I read/saw on youtube that some other people very recently took over some new really high tech sounders to the Noahs Ark site (according to Mr Wyatt) and did some imaging through the side of the mound and if one can believe those images then some of his theories at least were good (to me anyway)

J Dub

I had always been interested in Ron Wyatt's account of finding the Ark of the Covenant, along with other temple items. I remember him mentioning the dried blood of Jesus on the mercy seat that had dripped down from the cross during his crucifixion. I would really like to believe his story, but time will tell. I don't know if I'm allowed to link youtube videos on this site, but if you do a search for "ron wyatt ark of the covenant" on youtube's site, you will find many videos of his testimony.
Apparently I didn't notice a few posts before me did already mentioned Rom Wyatt.

I also had no idea he was at Seventh Day Adventist. That would certainly cause me to raise an eyebrow of two.


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*sigh*... If you want the Ark, go to my Ebay site and make a PROPER bid on it. No low-balling. Come on.... the thing has awesome powers.

Full disclosure: The reason I am selling it is because of radiation burns. I didn't melt away like that stupid movie depicts, but I am worried about cancer. It is a lovely artifact, but my mom told me I gotta get rid of it. So..... best offer wins.
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