Are YOU that Lost Sheep?

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    Are YOU that Lost Sheep?
    By: Maxine M.

    On the 5th day God created animals, even those little creatures that crawl & creep
    But let me tell you a story that Jesus told about a flock of sheep
    Just remember, SHEEP are not the smartest of any species, thus they are hard to protect & keep

    He said there were 99 that safely lay in the shelter of the sheepfold, secure in the Shepherd’s care
    But one was lost, strayed away somewhere; of potential danger unaware
    Predators lurked, just waiting to pounce, ‘you’ll make a great mutton snack’ they declare

    But the Good Shepherd left the flock (safe & sound) to look for the ONE that was lost
    Because of the love He felt for every sheep, a love which even straying cannot exhaust
    But to save the lost sheep, the life of the Shepherd it would cost

    Only by Jesus the Shepherd’s death could ANY of the sheep be truly saved, the story will demonstrate
    Since all we, like sheep, have gone astray, TURNED to our own way, now for Judgement await
    LOST! until we come back to the Shepherd; in His plan of Salvation participate

    The plan where WE open our heart, REPENT, then follow wherever the Shepherd will lead
    Like the story’s lost sheep that the Shepherd found, we’ll rejoice in His pasture’s feed
    Safe from all those worldly predators, trusting the Shepherd will provide every need

    But you must first admit you are LOST, not refuting the danger that, in every life, exists
    That sudden death can come to everyone…a fact so many resist
    NO ONE is excluded, but until that happens, the search from the Shepherd persists

    Now we are all in various sized earthly families, which God often calls His flock
    He looks at us as sheep, CONSTANTLY needing His protection & guidance around the clock
    The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want; as the Shepherd, He takes care of His stock

    We, as sheep, have a deep desire for personal peace & satisfaction that will last
    And as the sheep of His pastures, the Shepherd is able to provide for our needs which are vast
    He makes them lie down in green pastures, when life rushes by us so fast

    The Shepherd knows that sheep need REST, time to stop and on His blessings reflect
    The “green pastures” reassures us that worry about tomorrow our hearts need not detect
    He leads me beside STILL waters, from mental turmoil & unrest He protects

    He restores my soul and realigns our thinking, giving an “I’m able to go on” attitude
    Leading His sheep in right paths, to give glory to the Shepherd’s name in gratitude
    In the valley of the shadow of death, His sheep will not fear, but live in hope & fortitude

    Thy Rod (Word of God) and Thy Staff (the Holy Spirit) bring comfort & protection from the enemy
    Goodness & Mercy will follow all the days of my life because His death & Resurrection set me free
    To KNOW I will dwell in the House of the Lord FOREVER is the ultimate divine decree

    But the sad news is, this psalm does NOT cover those lost from the sheepfold
    Who strayed away looking for something else, something they thought would satisfy & prosperity hold
    Many are nice, friendly, well intentioned sheep, but false doctrine they’ve been told

    Like saved by just doing “good”, helping others, giving to the poor, attending church once in awhile
    Repeating a prewritten prayer, instead of one you genuinely from the heart compile
    Not acknowledging or accepting the Shepherd’s gift of Salvation, living in continual denial

    So, WHOM from your family is represented by the lost sheep the Shepherd sought?
    The ONE who has NOT answered the Shepherd’s call…responded as they ought?
    Perhaps entangled in worldly cares; not really thinking about WHAT Jesus’ death bought

    Are YOU that lost sheep…that precious LOVED one we daily pray for?
    Pray that you will heed the Holy Spirit’s conviction; a relationship to the Shepherd restore
    He knows everything about you, so no response will He ever ignore

    Because until death occurs , He will continue to search, ready to come to your rescue
    He’s looking even for the weak and hurting lambs, those wandering and need to be made new
    So PLEASE, TODAY, run back to the Shepherd, find forgiveness and more Mercy & Grace than you ever knew
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    That is very nice! Thank you for posting! :thumbup

    Thank you Jesus!!!! :yay

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