Are You A Coffee Drinker?


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What was that old commercial slogan: "the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup"? Something like that. I don't remember the commercials for the rest.

I am currently drinking Nescafe instant and store-brand grounds. I have had Maxwell instant in the past. Sometimes I will buy the Tim Hortons coffee ground but I am really happy when I can find the McDonald's Decaf grounds. I don't see the decaf very often.


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I remember back n the late 70"s when I worked in a grocery store, there was a nation wide coffee shortage.

We were selling all kinds of odd stuff including chicory, instant packets , whatever we could find.

Not quite as bad as the peanut butter rationing, Cope's Dried Corn scarcity or the Bill Spannuth Unique Pretzel factory fire.
We almost did not survive that one.