Are there signs Biden is souring on Israel? - analysis


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Are there signs Biden is souring on Israel? - analysis
If one were to judge by Wednesday’s headlines of a speech Biden gave a day earlier at a campaign event hosted by a former president of AIPAC, one might very well think so.

Is the honeymoon with US President Joe Biden over?

Has the US president – who articulated unequivocal support for Israel after the October 7 massacre, who came here to show that support a few days later, who sent aircraft carrier strike forces to the Eastern Mediterranean to deter Hezbollah and Iran, who has overseen a massive airlift of arms and ammunition since the war began, and who has pushed forward plans for billions of dollars of military aid – soured on how Israel is waging the war against Hamas?

Is the party over?



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This is/was as predictable as the sun rising in the east. Most of Biden’s handlers are Anti-Semitic and certainly anti-Christian. They love evil which means they love Hamas.
God may have something to say about all that (and when I write ‘may’ I mean will).
Well given the fact that they are Obama retreads and we all know how Obama feels about Israel and Netanyahu and they seem to agree with him, it’s no surprise. And sadly, the fact that Biden and his minions turned on Israel so quickly wasn’t a surprise. One gets the impression Biden’s initial support was the result of a lifetime of political instinct.