Are Iran and China entering into a new era of relations? - analysis


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Are Iran and China entering into a new era of relations? - analysis
China and Iran are in the midst of a 25-year agreement to enhance their ties, and President Raisi expressed a desire for closer cooperation.
Published: APRIL 28, 2022

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi expressed on Wednesday his government’s desire for closer cooperation with China, according to Iranian media. Kayhan newspaper in Tehran said that the visit of China’s Minister of National Defense Wei Fenghe this week illustrates strategic ties. Iran and China are in the midst of a new 25-year agreement that is supposed to enhance ties. What matters now is whether the visit by the key Chinese defense official will result in stronger backing for Iran – and whether this could influence the Middle East.

“Confronting unilateralism and creating stability and order is possible through cooperation of independent and like-minded powers,” Raisi said, according to Iranian media. Iran’s media also said that security ties were part of the discussions. “Wei also met with his Iranian counterpart, Gen. Muhammad Reza Ashtinai, and invited him to visit China, as well as with other Iranian military officials,” the report says.