Are books like 23 minutes in hell biblical?


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I decided to look further into his so called "vision" and I found some contradictions that call his account into question.

1) In one telling of his account, he had stated that while he was on his bed, he had immediately found himself in hell. But then in another video, he says he went to grab a glass of water and then went to hell. So.. which is it?

2) The timing in which his account takes place is not consistent either. One he had said that the experience occurred sometime between midnight and 3 am, and he didn't know the exact time. Then in another video, he plainly stated that he knew it was 3 am, he could not explain why... Another he had said that he got up at 3 am to get a glass of water and he had looked at his digital clock.

These contradictions in his account raises up red flags and tells me that his supposed vision to hell had not happened. I cannot say for sure why he's doing this, either for money or to scare people into believing hell but only God knows his heart. Besides his supposed account( demons torturing people in hell which is nowhere stated in the bible), his stance on hell is biblical, which is that hell is a literal horrible place filled with fire and what have you.

This is why we should never go beyond what's written, and stick to Scripture. The bible tells us all that we have to know about heaven and Hell. Like I said before, The account of The Rich man and Lazarus is the closest peek we will ever get into the afterlife. Even the Rich man wanted to send Lazarus to warn his brothers of hell but his request had gotten denied and that if they did not believe in the scriptures, it will not matter if one were to raise from the dead and warn them;They still would not believe.

It's always best to only believe in Scripture, not in supposed visions or dreams or near death experiences of Heaven or Hell.
I have never brought into the going to heaven and back stories because of this verse.

1 Corinthians 2:9

I think many of these "near death experiences" or visions are either demonic in nature or a really bad dream.
I don't know what to say about books or experiences, but some do die, clinically, bled out right there. And then they revive. Some call it hallucinations, some other things, but the one experiencing it has their own thoughts.

I know such a person. They won't share much, certainly won't write a book. Some things are not shareable.
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While I do not pay attention to supposed near death experiences or visions, the harrowing account of Bill Wiese's hell experience has always stayed stuck with me ever since I had come across it back in 8th grade. While he seems sincere, his experience raises some red flags such as demons torturing him in hell. Demons are actually terrified of hell evidenced by this verse.

Jesus asked him, saying, “What is your name?”

And he said, “Legion,” because many demons had entered him. And they begged Him that He would not command them to go out into the abyss. Luke 8 30-31

I truly do believe that hell does exist and it's horrible beyond our understanding or imagination, but I don't believe that people have gone there and lived to tell what they saw. The rich man in hell desired to warn his brothers and yet he was not granted the chance to.

What do you guys think?
Is that book Biblical? In simple terms, NO! Hell was made for the demons' punishment, not their rulership or enjoyment. Also, the book is saying that Jesus lies. How? In the book of John's Gospel, Jesus prays to His Father that He would keep them from the evil one. 1 John 5:18 says, "We know that whoever is born of God does not sin; but he who has been born of God keeps himself, and the wicked one does not touch him." In Wiese's book, demons are touching him when he is supposedly a believer. Well, if demons are touching him either he's not a believer, or he's a liar (or both), or Jesus lied. Out of the three, it's a pretty easy choice to see what is true. Now, if Wiese is lying about him being a believer or him having gone to Hell, what else is he lying about? We don't need to know any more about Hell than what Jesus revealed in Scripture -- 1) a place so terrifying even demons dread to go there, 2) In Hell, the sentient being feels the full force of God's wrath, 3) Beings in Hell keep all their hopes, dreams, and desires without hope of fulfillment for any, 4) Beings in Hell are fully aware that their punishment is justly deserved, 5) In Hell, their worm dies not die and the fire is never quenched, 6) The smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest day or night, and 7) No more love from the Almighty -- just anger! What could be more terrible than that? In the end, God gives to each sentient being what they truly want, even if it is freedom from Himself. What could be more fair?


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I dont know if the near death experiences are real.
But I do know that something is going on and has been since the beginning of 2020!
Before 2020, or there about, emotions and other "things"..... I dont know how to say this, were either hard for me to understand or distant for me but then they just opened up for me around that time. And it's not just me, other special people can "feel' it too, the Holy Spirit and other things going on. We can feel it like we never did....things that were hidden from us. And for me the fact that I can "feel" things is amazing, I've never had that. It's like living in darkness and suddenly the lights have been turned on!
Now I'm not necessarily saying these near death experiences are real but we dont know how the Lord will work in other people's lives...Maybe they are dreams, maybe they aren't but is it our place to judge or say they are or are not something. After all doesn't the Bible say, "judge not lest ye be judged. "
God knows what is waiting for those that are going to hell and he knows just as we sense, that time is running out. I don't look at these stories as Biblical but a possible idea of what Heaven or even Hell might be like. But just as the Bible says we can't imagine how wonderful Heaven nomatter how wonderful whatever story I read of Heaven is, it's not as wonderful as it will be and that is a promise from God!

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Yeah I remember as a teenager looking into NDE's, and eventually I stumbled upon 23 minutes in hell which scared the living daylights out of me. I must say that it made me think of the seriousness of hell and eternity. Although I do not believe Bill Wiese went to hell, I respect how he sticks to the fact that it's a real literal horrible place.

Unfortunately many churches downplay the reality of hell or deny it altogether.
Growing up in a liberal church, I heard absolutely nothing about hell, damnation or the devil (except from other kids). Yet, Jesus in the New Testament, mentioned it often. While, I do believe that God's Holy Spirit can and does visit individuals to warn them that they are on the wrong path, I am somewhat mistrustful of the accounts of those who profit monetarily from their experiences. Why doesn't God warn all? I don't know but, we should remember that Our Lord scolded the man, Saul on the road to Damascus and after he became the Apostle Paul, he was greatly used by the Lord.

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The Geography of Hell is, as best as I can research and study from the Bible is:

The entire area is called "The Pit". It is in the spirit realm, tethered inside the earth, likely at or near the fiery molten iron ore core. You cannot see it through radar or sonar, because it's in another dimension.

Inside this pit, also broadly called "Hell", is Hell proper, the Abyss, and the Lake of Fire. Apparently, as you go downwards, those three are in order, the Lake at the bottom. All are compartmentalized from each other.

The Devil and Demons are jailed by 'chains of darkness', in Hell. We know this by several verses, also in Revelation 9 we read where an angel with keys releases the demons from Hell and they horde out of there into our space and dimension in the shape of locusts. This will happen in the 7 year tribulation, so these demons are there now. They were put there so the Church could grow the last two thousand years. These demons still can exert power across the dimensional void.

Further inside the pit, at the likely bottom is the Lake of Fire. Once someone goes there, they don't come out. No one is there yet, not until the Great White Throne Judgement.

I can only speculate about it but maybe the man who wrote the book actually saw a vision/tutorial about hell. Not from inside Hell, and he thought his soul had been there. If you get near death, who's to say how much in tune with your soulish mind you are. In the heavenly/spirit realm there is no falsehood, only truth. In those moments our soulish mind may be screaming at us about Hell. Psychiatrists refer to our 'Id" what is really our inner soulish mind.


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Are books like 23 minutes in hell biblical? ......​

NO! ...... but that said my father at 73YO who was not interested in God or heaven had a heart attack and was rushed into hospital so mum and I followed, finally got to see dad and he grabbed my hand and whispered that he had to talk to me about God because he had seen hell (and believe me he was quite the frightened man!).... but his pride would not allow him to talk in mums presence and it was 3 more days to finally get him alone and bring up the subject of God, unfortunatly the doctors had told him many people have experiences during a heart attack because of blood flow issues to the brain and my father preferred their explanation than the idea of a real place of torment ...... and refused to listen to God once more and died in his sins!


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No if you don't see it in the :bibleit isn't true. We must not be deceived by the nonsense of the world!
I think the author of that book was not only full of blindness, but greedy. Look at all the books that are being advertised on different TV stations about a book that the host wrote. And then the host brags about it being number one for so many weeks on the best seller list.

If you have the chance, go to a bookstore and look at some of the titles of these books that the store is trying to sell. The books are about the gay community, had to have a successful affair, how to make it big on the stock market, and more titles that are simply sinful.