Archaeologists Excavate Biblical Giant Goliath's Hometown..... and more


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They are trying to find evidence of David and Goliath through the dig at Gath and surrounding areas.

The news report video of the dig in this article is titled.... "Bible Bad Guys Unearthed", but the advertisement at the beginning is ghastly, (just a warning). The article is quite interesting but dates in July 2011.
Archaeologists Excavate Biblical Giant Goliath's Hometown | Fox News

This article talks about what archeologists do there in one day and what they have discovered. Some good pictures here and had posted July 23, 2012. (I really enjoyed this one)

In Goliath's hometown, the drama is in the details | The Times of Israel

This article is alright, was posted in 2008 and I can't find any further updates.

'Proof' David slew Goliath found as Israeli archaeologists unearth 'oldest ever Hebrew text' | Mail Online