Approval of new settler homes sabotages two-state solution - PA


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Approval of new settler homes sabotages two-state solution - PA
Israel is advancing a plan to build 3,988 new homes in the West Bank despite opposition from the US.
Published: MAY 7, 2022

The Israeli government’s plan to build thousands of housing units in West Bank settlements is a “blatant challenge” to the US administration and the international community, the Palestinian Authority said over the weekend. The plan constitutes “a serious threat to the chances of achieving peace and restoring the political horizon for resolving the conflict in accordance with principle of the two-state solution,” the PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs cautioned in a statement.

The ministry called on the US administration “to move quickly to pressure the Israeli government to stop this decision and attacks by settlers and their terrorist organizations against defenseless Palestinian civilians.” The PA was responding to a plan to advance the construction of 3,988 settler homes. The Higher Planning Council is scheduled later this week to give its final approval for 2,536 new homes and allow for the deposit of plans for 1,452 other homes.