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Not sure where to post this, except that I want to state it is so important that we know WHAT we believe, and WHY we believe it. Also, in thinking of this, the article posted in this section "The Way of Cain" really spoke to what I have on my heart. As always, our Lord led me to this reading with perfect timing.

I have a relation who is homosexual, and also claims to be a believer. Of course I understand the trials and challenges trying to be both. The unfortunate thing is, he is using an Annotated Bible to make his stand that his lifestyle is perfectly fine. The problem of this is, of course, Annotated Bibles mostly come from the point of view that the Bible is "dated", and life nowadays is different. In the fashion it is written, you could prove almost anything, any idea, and any lifestyle is acceptable and wonderful. Such a dangerous course to take. Our God means what He says, and says what He means. When we start fiddling around with His Word to fit what WE want it to mean, it is nothing but a downward spiral from there.

Our small body of believers has been blessed with some wonderful teachers. Most recently, they have encouraged us to read the Bible with NO agenda. If we REALLY want to please God, and live a life that He wants us to live, we need to read the Bible (a correct translation) in thoughtful prayer, looking for what God wants to teach us, and go from there. When we start searching for an answer WE want to hear, we show we are not truly open to what He has to say, and where He wants to lead us.

In the past few years, the Lord has convicted me often. Granted, at times this has been incredibly painful. I have been so ashamed of past behavior and thoughts, it has brought me to tears. It is an agonizing thing to experience, but after confession of sin, and seeing things clearly, I feel so cleansed. I would so much rather be convicted of something I am doing wrong, than to skip along enjoying whatever it is I want to do. I certainly do not want to walk in "The Way Of Cain" and not know it!

Another note on this subject..... Chuck Missler once stated that he always used Matthew 1:24 - 27 as a teaching against homosexuality. But later in his life, he stated that those verses (specifically verses 25 & 26) also demonstrate the importance of our worshiping the Lord God as Creator. Because people did NOT do so, He "gave them over to vile passions" and lustful desires. I had never noticed this before.

So thank you for posting this article. I do hope to be able to share its message, along with some of my own experiences.
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Hi Maranatha :wave
I "liked" and really identify with your comments in reference to the "Way of Cain" article.
Was the scripture you referenced from Matthew perhaps meant to be from Romans?
I did a search and it seems Romans 1:18-32 gives a comprehensive description of the points you were making.
Just thought I'd add for those looking at linked references...

Rocky Rivera

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Jesus said we cannot serve both God and mammon. Substitute mammon for your favorite sin and you get the point. We cannot serve God and sin at the same time.