Apologetic Bullet Point #5


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The initial creative being cannot create ex nihilo anything that is not already a part of or a characteristic of that being


There was nothing in existence except for the creative personal sentient being prior to the moment of this being creating the universe. The only blueprint available for the initial act of creation by this being would have been this being himself.

This is an important point. Everything we are and everything the universe is derives from this creative being. We can then learn about this creative being by learning about ourselves and the universe this being created.

Created things don’t exhibit qualities greater than the means of their creation. If our universe displays extremely fine-tuned order then the creator of the universe must have an order equal to or superior to that order.

Created things can’t and don’t exhibit properties and characteristics that the initial creative being doesn’t have. The creative being can’t put into creation anything that he doesn’t have.

The created universe can not “evolve” to obtain any characteristic or property that the creative being doesn’t have.