Apologetic Bullet Point #3


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The evolutionary model does not have the quality of order, it can’t be the creative force


Arguing against the evolutionary model of creation, we conclude that the order in the universe strongly suggests that something or someone with order created the universe.

  • Order can create order
  • Chaos or non-order can’t create order since there is no order in it
  • Therefore, since the evolutionary model does not have the quality of order, it can’t be the creative force

Evolution relies on randomness and chance. If evolution were the creative force the result wouldn’t be order it would be randomness. Evolution only displays randomness and blind chance and therefore can’t be the source of order.

Evolution doesn’t have creative force. Evolution can’t actively “do” anything. Evolution is merely a term used to describe the concept of preferentially selecting between two or more choices. The winner of that selection depends on which of those choices yields a more viable result compared to the other choices at that time and under those contained circumstances.

Since everything had a beginning, we can also assume that at the beginning of everything that some amount of work or force was necessary to create everything. Evolution doesn’t have that work or force available to it.

Subsequent “evolutionary” changes (natural selection) also require work or force to happen. Evolution still can’t provide that work or force since it is not a property of evolution.

That work or force for natural selection must come from a potential energy put into place during the initial creation. Evolution didn’t put that initial energy into the universe. It couldn’t.

The initial creative personal sentient being put it there.

The work or force that is being used to perform natural selection is utilizing the energy reserve that is already in the created universe. Evolution does not provide this energy nor can evolution consciously use or manipulate this energy.