Anyone on here play videogames?


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I've been contemplating about booting up Minecraft on my new computer that I had custom built and with all the free time that I have between Covid-19 and being disabled and being stuck at home. When I'm not working on my blog, I been thinking about making a Minecraft map in the mode that gives you infinite resources that also lets you fly and write out all of the Bible verses in the Bible and have it levitate in the sky so it's easy to read; if I ever managed to finish it, I would upload it online so people could download it and name it "The meaning of Life" or the "Ultimate Gift" so people that aren't Christians will download the map not knowing at first that they are downloading the Bible.

Minecraft is such a great game. It basically captures the spirit of what a game should be. There's community, creativity, and adventure. It's high up there on my list of favorite games of all time


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I play civ 6 on pc. And a lot of Nintendo switch games with my kids. If anyone plays civ, I would really enjoy playing with you. I don’t play often as I have no one to play with.

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Things I've Found (or made) in Minecraft
Obsidian (made it to)
Portal (made)
Lapis (gem)
All the resource ore and gems

One thing that I assume I would never find was a blaze rod.


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There is a very nice piece of piano music from Yiruma that I feel fits Minecraft perfectly. It's called "Painted"