Anyone on here play videogames?

Eric Nicholas

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I play on PS4 and rarely on XBOX One. I like Dark Souls, Dying Light, etc etc.

I do that too, Scilent. I'll be playing and have a sermon on. Good times!


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I was on a Monster Hunter: World kick for a month or so, but my computer just stopped working the other day, so I can't get back into it until that's fixed :(

I played the newest animal crossing game for a couple weeks, but school has kept me too busy. I only really have time for sermons/Bible and class stuff these days, maybe an episode of TV show every few days :shrug


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When I was younger, though a Christian, I loved playing the DOOM games. Something appealed to me about killing demons.

These older years (I'm in my 50's), I like to play more modern games like Farming Simulator 17 or 19, and/or Satisfactory to relieve stress, while I'll have Jack Hibbs, Chuck Missler, JD Faraq or Jan Markell playing in the background. Or sometimes I'll have old sermons playing in the background from my pastor from back in the 90's.

But if I want something more action oriented... I'll play X-com.

So anyway... if it's action, it's always facing off against demons or aliens. I don't play games where you hunt or kill "people".
I have PS4 and only play football games, the two most popular being FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. Although I am tempted to try Train Simulator 2020, what man wouldn’t like to drive a train about the place!?

I too play my games while listening to my audio bible or sermons like you do too. Football games don’t require any sound to play, so don’t have to listen for instructions etc., so I can just turn audio off and play.