Anybody using secure email and VPNs?


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I remember getting 1200 and 2400 baud back in the day. When we hit 9600 bps I was ecstatic! And when we hit 14.4 Kbit I thought I was in heaven!!!
I know, right? When my parents bought me my 14.4 baud modem, as a young teenager, I felt like the cream of the crop. I guess I am showing my age here. It's insane how far technology has gone. I remember having to wait HOURS, many hours, to download a 1 megabyte file.

Now, it happens in two seconds.

Now, darn it, where is my flying car!!! They promised me this in the mid portion of the last century. I want it NOW!!!

But seriously, I used to run a BBS (Bulliten Board System) using 2400 baud way back, 25 years ago. Everything was slow but it got the job done. If only I was smart enough to understand the future development of the Internet, I would be a very wealthy man right now. Hindsight is always 20/20


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When it comes to is important to remember that regardless of who is the provider, you will be putting your trust in that provider that they will not be storing any logs or farming out your personal information to third parties.

I would always recommend the use of a paid service and never use a free one. (Over half of the free VPN services are likely fronted by Chinese companies). Do your research into what services provide the best security (no logging, how DNS is used to tunnel traffic) as well as cost. Sometimes through web stores they may offer discounted rates, especially around holidays.

The ones I recommend are:

PIA (Private Internet Access)

ProtonVPN has a unique tunnel arrangement called SecureCore that lets one route traffic across 2 VPN servers (e.g., one in the US can have their traffic routed via Czech Republic and then Switzerland)

PIA is also a good service.

Both are available for multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac,, Linux, Android)

For secure mail, ProtonMail works fairly well, but if one wants more features, you will need get a paid subscription.

If you have the capabilities one can setup their own VPN. I do this through Untangle, a firewall appliance that has multiple VPN options.



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I ended up going with TunnelBear VPN. Their user interface is very cool and makes use of the Bear logo. I think McAfee bought them out, but they have an independent party audit their service and apps. They say they are the only one in the world that does this. The price was the bottom line and it was $59 for the year for 5 devices. They do not keep logs and they are in Canada. They have a browser add-on to use the VPN or you can sign in on your desktop.


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Is anyone here using any secure email services and/or VPNs?

I've been having some trouble with the emails coming in for one reason or another. I thought I'd try out the ProtonMail service and I see they also have a VPN service as well.

Does anyone here us e secure email and/or VPN? If so, which one do you use? How do you like it?
ETA: Take everything I said below with a huge grain of salt. While it was working great last night, I have been suffering considerable slowdown (mainly due to latency) why using my Norton VPN versus not using it.... I am still experimenting. Chris, you might want to delete this post so as to not give bad info out.

Just an update, I just subscribed to Norton VPN and the speed is very fast. If you subscribe for a year, you can get it at $3.33 a month for up to five devices. Despite living in Virginia, I now appear from Buffalo NY and data transfer is theoretically encrypted now. I also have the option of choosing where I want my VPN jump off to be (including many other countries) but I imagine that WOULD slow down my internet access because it would require a jump across the ocean and then back again.

Either way, so far, so good.


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I tried NordVPN but had extreme difficulty getting connected. I switched to Okay FreedomVPN and get connected nearly first time each time.


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I just subscribed to NordVPN and think it is awesome. The latency and DL/UL are almost just as good as not using a VPN (They are actually so good I can't subjectively tell the difference). Latency is 17ms WITH the VPN. That is more than good enough for even online gaming. DL and UL are 95/14 which is right in line with what I usually get without a VPN.

So, I am officially a fan and recommend it.

It is also log free and offers P2P connections if you are into that kind of thing (I'm not...). You can also pay for it with bitcoin under a fake email to be truly anonymous if you really want to get your shadiness on. ;P