Any "preppers" out there?

Eric Nicholas

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I'm not a prepper reminiscent of a popular television prepper. I have some armament, iodine, fire starters, medical supplies, and some food and water rations. I have no airtight bunker or air system. I could definitely give my prepping supplies a bit of a kick. I've been wanting to get another gas mask just because I absolutely love them. I love to just put them on and walk about the house, much to Misty's chagrin. To her benefit, I try to make that a rare occurrence.
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Eric Nicholas

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Most winters we'll lose electricity several times, and sometimes the outage can last a week or longer. I can store a meaningful amount of food and supplies for such times, but water... I don't have adequate means to store a meaningful amount of fresh water. Containers and space are both an issue.

I've tried melting snow in containers around our wood stove to use for toilet flushing... but it takes a ton of snow volume to get a few gallons of water...
I learned about the snow being inefficient the hard way.


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I’d forgotten all about the prepper section of RF. This COVID19 crisis is making me check out my older supplies. I definitely need to regather my scattered items. Funny how good times can make a person forget the bad times can come again. I know my husband has looked at me strangely for some things I have been buying recently. I had a large box of N95 and N100 masks along with gloves for SARS or MERS crises a few years ago and have been able to give my daughters masks and gloves for when they have to work or be out. My big old jars of peanut butter and pasta aren’t so funny now as they are reassuring. Definitely will be making an inventory. :nod


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It's just my wife and I so our refrigerator is usually slim pickings. But last week we went to the grocery and spent $250.00. Now our fridge and freezer are filled to the brim. We are good for maybe 3 weeks. Now I sit around a lot and try not to get overly bored.
I never thought I would be a prepper.


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My husband is now happy that I have prepped. We don't need to visit any grocery stores any time soon and have plenty to share. He was saying I was going a little overboard right before the virus.

Over the years I have managed to fit 6 months of supplies in our 5th wheel, with just grabbing an item or two extra when I go grocery shopping. I'm a little surprised I might have to use it, I thought it would be for the left behind mostly!


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I always seem to have a lot of food in the house but when all this started I took inventory of the pantry, fridge, freezer and extra freezer in the basement. I wrote everything down with location and keep it on paper on a clipboard. Then I listed all possible meals I could put together with what I have. (I also shopped for foods I use often, etc.). These lists have been really helpful and keep me on track for using what I have. I tried a 2 hour loaf of bread yesterday and it was delicious! Crusty and easy to make- no kneading. I’ll be making more for sure- as long as I can keep yeast stocked.


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Get some wasp spray. Better than pepper spray.
When you live alone, you have to have something to be able to ward off attackers....I will not own a gun.... I found out about wasp spray as well and mine is handy beside me.... the only thing... if you ever have to use it , you have to warn the culprit that they have to get to the hospital as fast as possible... because it is highly poisonous... and they need to be treated quickly.

Yes, I'm a bit of a prepper... but lacking in water like some here... all the other stuff, enough to get by for awhile. Beans, rice, pastas, cans of spaghetti sauce, meats and fish, canned veggies and fruits.... it is also important that you only store food stuffs that you like... no sense having stuff you wouldn't eat at the best of times. Also for your storing water yourself, it is important to have something to add to the water to be able to drink it if it has been sitting for some time... bleach is pretty harsh, I prefer hydrogen peroxide...


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I guess I'm a semi prepper. I got cases and cases of those mylar bags and oxygenators and don't know what to do with them. Plus I got insanely expensive survival seeds (what was I thinking?).

I also stocked up on oatmeal, rice, canned beans, canned fruits, meat and many other stuff. I have tons of honey (I'm a honey collector so I have about 5 or 6 huge jars). Lots of bandages, disinfectants, an emergency pail of 25 years expiration date food, toilet paper, paper towels, spam, tuna cans, dried beans, Cento tomato sauces (I only like Italian imports of tomato products) lots of spices and basically enough for 3 months of food. I also have 2 turkeys and a huge ham. One turkey can last a week for food supplies. I got two huge Costco chuck beef that I cut in pieces and I figure that will be about 3 weeks worth of meals. In addition, I also got these things called Juce (from Costco) that supplies all the nutrients you need if necessary. I think I got about 15 of those so it's important. Vitamin C, Zinc and Tea of Oregano, papaya enzymes (which are amazing by the way if you have stomach issues),

I do tend to go overboard. Just this week my supply of packets of pedialyte, tons of Sambucol (elderberry) and things are arriving almost daily. My husband has forbid me to buy any more stuff lol but I figure if we get raptured those left behind can survive.

Our water is delivered so we have about 20 gallons at a time so that's more than enough. I forgot, I got plenty of Zote soap as those are good for laundry and cleaning and also bathing if need to. Plus tons of toothpaste, toothbrushes and like stuff.

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I have 25 rolls of toilet paper! No,I did not hoard the TP. LoL I have cases of water and can goods and a full freezer. You never know . My friend says I need to share it with others if stuff goes down. I agreed . With the gospel of course.
25 rolls doesn't last very long in our house. When we run low I might buy a couple hundred rolls, when it's at a sale price. We've got a small room under the stairs where I store toilet paper, paper towels, and pieces and parts left over from repairing stuff in the house. Thankfully I was well stocked with toilet paper before the whole corona thing started. Our town is flush with toilet paper now.