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And wouldn't they be anyway?

I'd say they're more of a business specializing in extortion as opposed to a charitable organization, so I think .com is more fitting. Neither the .com or .org site is probably theirs, but knowing that detracts from the fun.


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There is already a thread that makes mention of this. It was started at about the middle of the week.

What is surprising to me is that the redirect may still exist. I would have thought that the WH would have had that fixed by now. Maybe TT is right and it is their new headquarters.


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Any thoughts?
Why does forward to the white house website? Try it. Is this new or am i just behind? I may deserve a tinfoil hat for missing the obvious.
Could be a spoof site? After all, they want people to believe they are just a conspiracy theory, right?
it used to take you to the Biden/Harris campaign site. It never has been a direct link to anything antifa related necessarily (though of course we all know they’re intertwined) My guess is that whoever owns that website is on the right and is getting quite a kick out of it lol