Another member from RR


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I wanted to sign up here as a new member, but I just found out I've been a member all along, I simply had to reset my password?! :lol

So here's a welcome to you Ovicula, and to myself too! :hat :lol
SumSam, I remember :) you from RR good to see you again. I was active on RR from 2009-2013, and started posting here for 5 1/2 years now. RR & RF are joining together so the more the merrier!:bouncies:bouncies:bouncies:bouncies:bouncies

Brother Albert R.

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Dear brothers and sisters,

I am Ovicula and go by the same name there, where I have been a member since 2011.

It is so wonderful to interact with like-minded believers and I look forward to much fellowship, encouragement and learning while we wait for our Blessed Hope.

Welcome Ovicula,
I like your avatar...I hope you keep it for a long time...or until we do not have to look up anymore.
God bless you
Brother ALbert