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Discussion in 'New Member Meet & Greet' started by Ovicula, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. lightofmylife

    lightofmylife Blessed Hope-Prepare To Fly!

    SumSam, I remember :) you from RR good to see you again. I was active on RR from 2009-2013, and started posting here for 5 1/2 years now. RR & RF are joining together so the more the merrier!:bouncies:bouncies:bouncies:bouncies:bouncies
  2. greg64

    greg64 Well-Known Member

    Welcome Ovicula and SumSam!
  3. Ovicula

    Ovicula Member

    I have missed you too, Janice! :hug Your happy personality adds a lot of positive vibes to the forum!
  4. lightofmylife

    lightofmylife Blessed Hope-Prepare To Fly!

    Thank You Ovicula!:bighug
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  5. Lynn

    Lynn Well-Known Member

    Save me a piece, Janice! In fact, we need another cake to celebrate our friends from Rapture Ready who are joining us here. :birthday
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  6. madcat

    madcat Well-Known Member

    Howdy !!!! Glad you made the switch, too !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Brother Albert R.

    Brother Albert R. Well-Known Member

    Welcome Ovicula,
    I like your avatar...I hope you keep it for a long time...or until we do not have to look up anymore.
    God bless you
    Brother ALbert
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