Anger Issues

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    Anger Issues

    By: Maxine M.

    Anger!! - Violent, strong displeasure over opposition, mistreatment conceived in the mind
    Of all the human emotions we live with every day, anger is one of the strongest kind
    It can bury itself down so deep it can take years of hard analyzing to find

    But eventually it will come to the surface, many diverse forms it can take
    Health issues may arise from anger’s stress; constantly tense nerves can, internal troubles, make
    Hidden anger can destroy relationships, prevent reasonable decisions…at night keep one awake

    Anger hangs out with hatred & jealousy, often it hides behind a smile…in silent refrain
    It can also rise up at a moment’s notice, as Abel’s did when his brother Cain was slain
    Exploding in violence, striking out at a person or situation, wanting to cause pain

    When getting to the bottom of WHY most criminals commit crimes…why they are in jail
    Most often it is deep-seated anger obtained in childhood hurts & rejections that still prevail
    Unresolved issues of abuse, abandonment, disappointments, being told you’ll fail

    When you’re ignored & others are chosen or preferred, their success creates anger in our inner being
    Solomon wrote, “grievous words stir up anger”…a truth we are daily seeing
    Whereas kind words heal a contentious situation, they are helpful and freeing

    Wrath is cruel and anger a torrent (Proverbs 27:4), a tumultuous gush of emotional stress
    It’s a consequence of Satan’s war with his Creator, his influence we need to address
    In every life there are times of anger, feelings of animosity & vexation to confess

    Now the Bible tells us that Jesus Himself became angry, but the righteous indignation kind
    Grieved by the disrespect shown to His Father’s House, materialism & greed intertwined
    We too need to boldly, but non-violently, speak up at the un-Godliness in the world we find

    Our Heavenly Father is LOVE, and the Almighty cares about all of our needs
    He’s not willing that any should perish, but that His call to repentance everyone heeds
    Sending His own Son to die for every Soul; by accepting His GIFT sins can be forgiven & Salvation succeeds

    BUT, because of the Lord’s absolute holiness, man’s sins must be repented of & turned aside
    Now “sin” is ANY thought, deed, action or desire contrary to God’s law, or rejection of the facts for which Jesus died
    Ignoring the Gift of Salvation His death brought…the ONLY way to Heaven is denied

    These sins and disobedience contribute to “God’s cup of wrath”, which is getting fuller by the day
    Held in check by His love, UNTIL the day of Judgement, when those not under the Blood will pay
    ‘It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God’ is what the Bible has to say

    The earth and it’s people will feel the disastrous results when the cup is poured out
    Since HE controls all nature, dramatic natural earthly changes are coming…no doubt
    The fire of His fury, the promised NEW Heaven & earth, will certainly bring about

    The only wise thing to do is be GONE when these terrible happenings take place
    Since the loving Heavenly Father will “RAPTURE” those whom freely, the Son’s Gift, embrace
    Safely in the presence of their Lord, the anger of the Father we will never face

    In a twinkling of an eye, His true children will be “caught up” to Him in the air without assist
    Only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life…is YOUR name on that list?
    Because He promised, “I’ll keep you from the “Hour of Trial” which WILL on earth exist

    Because Jesus said (Matt 7:21-23), NOT ALL who say to Me Lord, Lord, on that day will prevail
    A religious façade doesn’t necessarily mean you KNOW Him or He you…hypocrisy will fail
    Since our Savior sees all things down to the smallest detail

    So look deep in your heart, find out if there is still some hidden anger there
    Confess it!! Put it in Jesus’ hands, understand how any unresolved anger is error
    Jesus said, “My peace I leave you”, so let peace fill anger’s spot; trials will be easier to bear

    As a child of God, you’ll be spared those coming tribulation days
    From Heaven we’ll observe His 2nd Coming, His reigning as King phase
    Live in the wonderful anger free presence of Christ; only “Hallelujahs” raise
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    Thanks for posting this! I have been having issues lately.

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