Anger, Hatred and Hostility...Oh My!


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Anger, Hatred and Hostility...Oh My!
By Dontwobears

It is so odd how people are today, so quick at anger and hostility, to the point of using firearms against others. The endeavor to kill another is reprehensible in the greatest order and yet, this movement of mind, has not been around too very long, let me explain.

When I was a kid, my Family was stationed in the Philippines, at Clark AFB. I would like to say, the best and most memorable years I can Remember. It was clearly understood, that once you arrive at Clark, your house would be off-base for a time. We lived in an area known as Balabago and our compound was secured by the Local Philippine Constables, I would estimate about 30 of them. They lived in Barracks right at the only gate we had, one way in and one way out and there was a few guards on-duty 24/7. Our compound had huge walls and the top was covered in glass shards to keep the unscrupulous out, besides there was always Armed Guards walking the streets 24/7 as well. The U.S. Air Force had some problems now and then with the "Hucks", a Communist group that would attack the base every so often. Even though the threat was always there, we were safe!

In those days, the Philippino's were fantastic to be around and us kids were really hard on some of them. It would seem there was always some tension between the Guards and all of us Kids, I believe they would get a little frustrated by us, but never to the point of being hostile, it was more along the lines of a game if you will. Them against us and many times this played out as some really humorous events. We would get them and at times they would get us, of course they would turn us over to our Parents, but this prompted more adventures down line.

One evening, my Sister and I and some of our friends decided to sneak into the Compound Swimming pool after hours. This had to be done in a quiet manner, yet somehow the Guards found out and took each of us to our Mom and Dads. Which of course, meant a week of being grounded from the pool, it was slightly annoying for us, but the guards thought this was really funny and they would often point at us and laugh. This meant that the "War was on"!

We had a spot known to us kids, where we could climb over the wall (In the dark), using some cloth and cardboard to keep us from cutting ourselves. There were only two reasons we would go to this length, Fireworks and cigarettes (Sort of a rebellion to our parents, back in the day). Anyways, we went over the wall one evening and bought some fireworks, big ones at that and then we came back to the compound. We hid these at one of our friends houses and then made some really detailed plans on how we would get back at the Guards.

The guard barracks was a single building full of bunks for the guards and they had a pot-bellied stove in the middle. How we came about this fact is still unknown to me, but it served us well on this first occasion. The Compounds only Gate was closed at 10 PM every night and a skeleton crew of 6 were left to guard the entire compound. The other 24 guards would hit the hay at about 11 PM and us kids never slept, I don't think. Although the entire compound was lit by street lights and lights on the walls, by this time all was very quiet and still....except us kids! This would be the perfect time to throw our plan into action. I have no idea where our Parents were, probably asleep as well and we were able to sneak out and join our Friends.

We spent a considerable amount of time, collecting all that we would need and putting everything together just right. Our Fireworks were these large Pyramids and we tied them together and took some of the other fuses and spliced them together to create a long fuse. Then we took some string, maybe about 30 feet of it or so and tied it to a big coffee can, with the fireworks taped inside and the fuse stuck to the string. Obviously, this took some time and we had to be very careful that nothing got wet, remember this is the Philippines and it rained almost everyday. Once we had it all together and ready, we climbed onto the roof of the barracks and with great care, moved to the chimney of the pot-belled stove. They only used the stove during the winter when temps would drop to about 65 degrees F., for them that was a little cold. We lit the fuse and it began to burn and we ran away as soon as the string cut. Our house almost entirely faced the Barracks, one half street away and every house had these 3 foot walls around them with decorative holes in them. This is where we were to watch the event unfold, our Retribution, if you will.

It took almost 10 minutes for the fuse to burn and reach the pyramids, then there was a series of small BANGS and ashes and dirt began bellowing out of the Windows and open doors. The sound was loud for sure and the Guards were running out of the Barracks in their underwear, hollering and yelling! Us kids were rolling on the ground and laughing as our Mom and Dad reached the front door! At first, we thought they would be angry with us, but with a bit of a smirk, they told us to come in and go to bed, which we did...giggling all the way! That was the strange and funny feud we had with the Guards. It was never taken seriously and after they realized what had happen, they would smile at us and shake their finger, as if to say, now it's our turn. How I miss those days, just some good clean (well maybe not so clean) fun on both sides!

Can you imagine what would happen, if that same thing were to take place now days?! It simply goes to show, how horrible everything has become today. At the same time, on holidays, even Filipino holidays, we would give away food and gifts to the guards for their Families. So everything was simply a game between the Guards and us kids, nothing serious or harmful, just fun for all. For some of us kids, the Guards even knew our names, they would call to us and wave and smile, as we went by. On some of the really hot and humid days we would see the Guards walking their rounds and we would run out with some cold Cokes for them. At times we would invite them to a Birthday party as well and they always ended up receiving a good deal from us, because we did care about them. And if we knew in advance, we would tell the Guards to send their kids over to the party as well and everyone had a blast.

To think of these things and then look around us today, I fail to understand how things have gotten so bad or why. The Bible should be on the lips of every person and the understanding should be seated in every heart and yet, we see how that is not so today. We then understand why the world is the way it is. The "Love has cooled to the point that the hearts of people are cold and dead."

Matthew 24:12 "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

How sad is it, that today, we see this exact situation taking place everywhere we look! Everyone has a personal part in what has taken over people everywhere, it is all of us that should be found responsible for this, because we have allowed this to come to such a head. Too many are not following the Lord God and preaching and teaching the Salvation of the Lord, through HIS blood from the Cross. We have been too lacking with our children, we have not educated them in the ways of our Lord. Many, many others have done nothing for our children and then we wonder why they end up in trouble with the Law. We wonder where the Respect has gone to, in almost every way. WE are Guilty, all of us!

We should be ashamed of ourselves, we have neglected our duty to the Lord God in our lives and we most assuredly have failed our children. The majority of the world is running after everything they are able to possess, instead of working on the Treasures to be found in Heaven through the Lord God.

Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

My Friends, there simply is no other way for us to live! We must be able to know that everything and I mean absolutely everything is in the capable hands of the Lord God and no other! Through everything that is taking place around the world, we are able to see the next occurence will be the Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ! It is so close, so very, very, close you could almost reach out and touch the hem of HIS robe!

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

I use the King James version of the Bible and all emphasis is mine.

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Thank you for sharing your childhood story, Chris. I absolutely laughed out loud during parts of it. As to the seriousness of the message, when I asked myself what to do with the facts on the ground, the answer I got was "Let it begin with me." Lord, in Your infinite Wisdom and Mercy, and for your Glory, please help me be the living representation of Corinthians 13, in Christ name I ask. Amen.